Complete set of all 30 small size Star Blazers kits
Kits are 5- 6 inches built. Space Cruiser Argo, Cosmo Tiger II, EDF Main Battleship, Flagship
Andromeda, Desslok's Command Ship, Zordar's Drednaught, Twin-Deck Carrier, Single-Deck
Carrier, Comet Empire Destroyer, Comet Empire Missile Ship, EDF Escort Ship, EDF
Destroyer, EDF Patrol Cruiser, Comet Empire Battleship, Gamilon Destroyer, Desslok's
Carrier, Dark Nebula Ship, Gamilon Tri-Deck Carrier, Captain Avatar's Ship, Alex Wildstar's
Ship, Cosmo Zero Fighter, EDF Cruiser, Desslok's New Flagship, Cosmo Hound, Gamilon
Carrier, Dual Tri-Deck Carrier, Bolar Wars Ship, Desslok's Gun Ship, and Planet Destroyer Ship
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